Out Yer Tree Outdoor Arts Organisation

Who we are:


I realise it has been some considerable time since you will have recieved any contact from us but I hope you will be pleased to hear that our long dormant period has come to an end. Although all the partners of Out Yer Tree have not formally rejoined, founder Taz Lovejoy will be curating an outdoor exhibition at Inter- Action MK (in Milton Keynes) commencing in April. 




Please find the call for artists to exhibit please click here. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Taz directly on tazlovejoy@hotmail.co.uk .



All the best

Taz Lovejoy


Who we were:





 “Out Yer Tree” was an outdoor Arts organisation whose aim is to set-up, organize and promote contemporary art exhibitions in country parks. To provide an experimental exhibition platform for existing and emerging artists whose work can be shown in a natural outdoor environment and to present interesting, engaging and/or challenging outdoor artworks to the park going public, in a location where they would not usually expect to find it.

We aim:

•    To provide a platform and support to existing and emerging artists 
        who wish to exhibit work in an outdoor countryside environment.
•    To explore the artistic/curatorial possibilities of showing art in a 
        public countryside setting.
•    To present unexpected and potentially challenging artworks to a 
      public who probably aren’t expecting to find them in the        countryside.
•    To encourage audience engagement with the works by providing 
        artists statements/descriptions.
•    To stage events where the public can meet the artists involved and 
        discuss the work.
•    To present a creative, informative and memorable outdoor art 

A Brief History:

Out Yer Tree was set up in 2008 by Taz Lovejoy, Wendy Henley, Brian Henley and Mark Biddulph with the original intention to get their art ‘out there’ after leaving university . After finding that there wasn’t really anywhere or anyhow to exhibit outdoor art in their home of Northamptonshire they set up Out Yer Tree with the intention of showing outdoor art in country parks.
They put on fantastic shows at Barnwell Country Park in 2008 and again in 2009 this was followed by shows at East Carlton Country Park and Lickey Hills Country park also in 2009 from there the organisation grew from strength to strength.

Out Yer Tree is now run by Taz Lovejoy and Mark Biddulph from their base in Birmingham. We jointly curate exhibitions in various outdoor venues including, country parks, commercially own gardens and stately homes.


If you have a property and are interested in housing one of our exhibitions and events please contact us and we can arrange an informal meeting to discuss ideas.